Welcome to the Revolution

The Pixel Corps Membership is not a service or really a school: it's a collection of diverse but like-minded people, committed to moving the world with media.

What will we cover?

In a nutshell: "Next Media,"  the media that's just around the next corner.

  • Internet Broadcasting - AKA Livestreaming - Over the past 10 years, the Pixel Corps has executed over 2,000 events in nearly 50 countries. Our clients are World Leaders, Fortune 100s, Entertainment Companies, and Governments. We provide full broadcasting services from the design to encoding. We'll show you what we've learned and include you in tests that span the globe. You'll learn about everything from audio, video, and encoding pipelines to crew communications and logistics. Our training and discussions are not academic; they are straight from the trenches and designed to prepare you for real-world events.
  • AR/VR/MR - To us, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are all part of the merging of the real world and the synthetic. We have been working with 360 imagery, 3D integration, and compositing for 15 years. AR/VR/MR are simply small adjustments to areas we know well. Within these technologies will cover everything from 3D and Motion Capture to Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Drones, and Compositing. Our training and discussions will cover the fundamentals of these technologies while challenging members to experiment and learn together. This is a new field and the molds are still forming. 

How do we do this? 

  • Online Discussions - We provide a forum for our members to discuss ideas and learn from each other.
  • Challenges - We challenge our members to work together on specific goals each week. While "learning at your own pace" is great, there is something powerful about learning together. For many of these challenges, we provide assets that could be hard for our members to access individually.
  • Broadcasts - We are an Internet Broadcasting company, so we produce weekly members-only broadcasts with our senior staff to discuss the Pixel Corps challenges and the industry as a whole. We also provide members virtual backstage passes to internal productions 1-2 times a month. Members will see how a production comes together and get a chance to have their questions answered after the event.
  • Classes - Our "Bootcamps" and "Intensives" are designed to push members through the obstacles that often block entry. Some of our classes are members-only and some will be publicly available. Members will always get a discount on all classes. 

Who should join?

  • Media Professionals - If you are in almost any part of media production, you will find new tools to add to your next production and new ways to use the tools you have. You will also meet other professionals to learn and work with.
  • Communicators - If you are a speaker or in a communications department trying to figure out how to use these tools in your outreach programs, this program can help.
  • Educators - We cover "Next Media" with a breadth and depth found nowhere else, keeping you on the cutting edge of communications.
  • Students - Add skills and experience to your resume before you graduate.
  • Enthusiasts - You may just love creating in the digital realm. You're welcome to join us.

Why are we doing this?

Those in "Next Media" don't usually like to share their "Secret Sauce." Here's why we are opening up:

  • Skills - To discover and cultivate more people with the skills that we need to produce our work. Our goal is to build a global network of professionals that we can call on as projects in their area are activated. 
  • Our Mission"Generating a Global Conversation with No One Left Out"