We spend most of our time in the trenches, broadcasting from around the world. Occasionally, we are able to share what we've learned. All of our classes are taught by seasoned professionals with decades of field experience.

Studio Pass - Join us in our Studio for discussion and hands-on training. You will be using the hardware we use and learn out processes first hand. Studio Passes are limited to 20 people and include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Online Passes - More than a single camera in the back, this pass is multi-cam HD production with shared files and Live Q&A. You will be part of the conversation at every moment with dedicated opportunities to ask questions.

Boot Camp:

Greenscreen/Mixed Reality

Coming in January

Studio Pass: $3000

Online Pass: $150

Before we produced live events, we produced 1000's of hours of greenscreen shooting and production services. Master shooting and compositing greenscreen  from our in-house experts. This class will include new sections focused on Mixed Reality production for integration with VR. This is one of the first opportunities to truly learn Mixed Reality production.

Day 1 - Introduction to Greenscreen

  • The history of keying
  • How keying works
  • Basics of a solid key
  • Approaching a greenscreen process

Day 2 - Shooting Greenscreen for Live and Post

  • Key aspects to setting up a greenscreen shoot
  • Understanding greenscreen Lighting
  • Using scopes to tune screens
  • The perfect greenscreen interview set-up

Day 3 - Problem Solving for Keying

  • Working with under-sampled content
  • Working with multiple greenscreens
  • Live stage shooting (hands-on production in Pixel Corps studio)

Day 4 - Mixed Reality, Location Production

  • Calibrating cameras and project set-up
  • Hands-on production

Free Bonus Day - Day 5 - Continued production and discussion

Boot Camp:

Internet Broadcasting

Coming in January

Studio Pass: $4000

Online Pass: $150

After over 2000 live events around the world over the last 10 years, our team will share the key learnings and processes. This will not be a class taught by certified trainers. Our class is lead by our Founder, Alex Lindsay, joined by our lead video, audio, and encoding engineers. You will learn more in 5 days about internet broadcasting than anywhere else in the world.

Day 1 - Overview

  • How internet broadcasting comes together
  • Industry verticals and how they work
  • Overview of live platforms
  • The "Gotchas" of broadcasting

Day 2 - Video

  • Video resolution and where it matters
  • Understanding the video pipeline
  • Mutli-cam production - Key Skills
  • Camera Operation
  • Vision Editing (Technical Direction)

Day 3 - Audio

  • Basic audio pipelines
  • Digital mixer basics
  • Live Audio - Key Skills
  • Comms design and execution

Day 4 - Encoding

  • How encoding works
  • Overview of encoder options
  • CDNs and how to use them
  • Encoding and production for Live 360 Video

Free Bonus Day - Day 5 - Live Production

  • Get more hands-on opportunities 
  • Open Discussuon

Boot Camp:


Coming in December

Studio Pass: $2000

Online Pass: $150

Lighting is one of the most important, yet least understood skills in video production. Learn how to get the most out of every situation with Pixel Corp's lighting expert, Brent Bye. Brent has been working over sets for over 20 years and is our go-to expert for events around the world.