Industrial Grade Livestreaming

For our clients, the most expensive option is failure. We provide high reliability for mission critical events in every corner of the world. To achieve this, we employ top technical talent, a modern audio and HD/4k video architecture, redundant and robust back haul and state-of-the-art encoding solutions.  From smartphone streaming to Facebook Live to HD streaming to YouTube to white label solutions, we offer the highest production quality and most reliable solutions available. 

Complex Live Events

We are often referred to as a "Moon Shot Team" as many of our projects require approaches and technologies that have never been attempted before. Whether multi-continent simulcasts, connecting underwater or going to space, we solve these challenges with the high reliability that our clients demand. We also provide closed captioning, subtitling and multi-language streaming support for the most demanding international lifestreams.



Onsite - Online Events

Events in the future will not be Local or Online but, rather, a blended experience where both the in-room and online audience have unique but shared experiences. We have deep experience in connecting event rooms around the world as well as including individuals as either participants or speakers. We are one of the only companies in the world that has already produced hundreds of events with these requirements.

Full Featured Solutions

In addition to transmission and encoding, we provide full-featured solutions including Audio and Video, Set Design and Construction, and complete Event Management. Combining event management with the online experience allows us to provide a comprehensive approach that engages both the online and in-room audience seamlessly.


360 Livestreaming

In addition to standard 16x9 HD and 4k encoding, we are one of the only providers of 360, Stereo, Multicam livestreaming complete with graphic overlays and onsite production capabilities.