Each week, you'll be challenged to exercise your production muscles.  You will work with other members from around the world to solve real-world challenges that production artists face every day. From photography and Photoshop to compositing, greenscreen, matchmoving, rotoscoping and 3D, you'll see challenges that both appeal to your interests and push the envelope every week.

Challenge categories include Photo - Skill, Photo - Manipulation, Photo - Reference, Photoshop, Roto/2D Integration, Render/Compositing, Motion Graphics, Animation, Greenscreen, Integration, and VFX.

Photoshop is considered an industry standard, as it used in almost every aspect of computer graphics; members should consider buying it if they don't already own it.  Photoshop aside, members will have free VPN access to numerous highend applications while challenges are in progress: modo (3D modeling), Cinema 4D (3D modeling,  animation and motion graphics), Silhouette (rotoscoping), Mocha (planar tracking and rotoscoping) and PFTrack (Matchmoving).