Alex Lindsay - Chief Architect

Alex Lindsay has been working in computer graphics and video production for over 20 years. Starting in Programming and Computer Aided Drafting, Alex has worked in print, games, interactive, broadcast, and film. He spent 3 years working at Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic on "Star Wars: Episode 1" before starting his own companies, dvGarage and the Pixel Corps. dvGarage builds tools for the Visual Effects community.




Christopher Marler - Senior Vice President

Before joining the Pixel Corps in 2002, Christopher Marler was Director of Technology Programs for San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning. He is the former director of SFSU’s Multimedia Studies Program. He has spoken frequently at universities and conferences, most recently in Singapore at the APEC Symposium on Collaborative Strategies for Multimedia and World Wide Web Production Skills Development. Chris has a B.A. degree in English from Grinnell College.